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Blessed Besoms by Aiyana Kai

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Aged Pink
Pretty Purple
Aged Turquoise
Spring Delight

Every home should have a broom to sweep out negative energy and sweep in the positive! What's a home without protection?

You just gotta love our Besom Collection! Intention-made with love, light and positive energy in the USA!

Beautiful one-of-a-kind Besom Brooms! Perfect for any time of year! Each and every Besom is hand made and you will never find the same anywhere else! Each beautiful piece is made with real crystals, real dried herbs and flowers, and more! It will be sure to bring some magic, protection, and positivity to your home!

The Story behind the Besom/Alter Broom:
Besoms are a traditional tool that has historically been used to sweep away stagnant or toxic energy. This provides an excellent alternative to smoke cleansing or can be used to direct smoke during cleansing rituals. Set your intentions and sweep the air with your besom to cleanse the energy of any space, person, or object. You can also hang/place next to the front entrance of your home.

*All healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

DIMENSIONS: 14 inches tall

FINAL SALE. Currently we ONLY ship to US addresses.


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