Lulu Recommends

Lulu Recommends

At Lulu's Moon Spark, we are all about supporting other small businesses, and sharing! We are more than pleased to recommend some really nice goodies to you all! 

Nicholas Maldechor is a very lonely boy who lives with his uncle Tobias. His life is pretty simple until an unfortunate event places his life in mortal danger. After that everything spirals out of control making Nicolas face against strange truths and impossible realities. He is about to learn that the world around him is stranger and full of surprises; both breathtaking beautiful and altogether deadly. Everything he knows will change, everything he holds dear will be forever altered and everything he thought impossible will become the very foundation of his new reality. He is about to enter a world so alien, strange and utterly fantastic that his bearings on reality will be put to the test. He’ll delve into mysteries not meant for anyone and these will lead him to places forever locked for the human eye. All this and more as he enters the realm of the Worldwalkers!

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