Affiliates Sign-Up Important Info

Affiliates Sign-Up Important Info

Welcome to our new venture! We're so glad to have you here! I wish to take the time to just remind you of a few things:

Welcome to our family!

Share & earn up to 25% commission! (of your subtotal sales, that is not including taxes or shipping)

Start Now // No Obligation // No need to Recruit //$5 One-Time Enrollment Fee // No Kit to Purchase // No Website Fee // No minimum payout & we pay every Friday // Monthly incentives/gifts // Make an order or sales every 30 days to remain active // A great addition to your current direct sales business!!! // Be part of a good charity: One Tree Planted & give back to Mother Earth!


JOIN US! We’re currently enrolling affiliates!

Our brand offers the most awesome witchy, gothic, moon, crystal, zen, healing, fantasy, reiki, spiritual, metaphysical, magical and fun-related goodies you can get your hands on! We’re JUST getting started, and we’re looking for Sparkly Humans to come help us build and grow into an amazing family!

Start qualifying instantly for commissions, when you join us.  You will be able to start sharing links like right now!

Successful completion of this application will give you access to your DASHBOARD where you’ll see your referral links, which you may use instantly!

**If you’re not seeing this form, you’ve likely already submitted an application and should be able to log in. 

**If you already have an account on our website as a CUSTOMER and you want to use your same email address as an affiliate you’ll need to LOGIN before you can complete this application.

**It is best if you use your PayPal email to Sign Up.  That way we can pay you! :)

**Choose a USERNAME that distinguish you or your brand. One you would like to use on your URL and it’s your login.

Your USERNAME would be the only public-facing information of the AFFILIATE shown by LULU'S MOON SPARK.

Please complete this form ALL of with YOUR ACCURATE INFORMATION, and choose your USERNAME carefully. You’re precious for us!

IMPORTANT LINKS: (Copy-Paste & save in your notes for easy reference) You may download the Goaffpro App to your phone for easy access to your dashboard. Store I’d: 7006206
-Affiliate Portal
-Affiliate Login Page


**Very Important: After you're done with your SignUp, you may join our FB group, so you can stay up-to-date, for support, graphics, current specials, and more!!! 

Here's our Lulu's Moon Spark FB Group:


IMPORTANT INFO: Please follow instructions:

🌙✨Affiliates, if you just joined us, and you're here (in the store page, group, biz page or insta) please do:
**Check your welcome email and follow instructions.
**Add me (Margie Alonso) on FB and msg me!!! so I may add you to the group, announce you, keep you posted (on the official group, or message you so I can provide important info or payments info, I don't like spamming people, so all-important stuff will be shared in the official group only** Message me with your questions! Please do so, I will gladly help you out 🥰
**Check all announcements in the official group, as well as albums, you may find the info you might need to grow your biz.
**Introduce yourselves in the "Welcome to our Tribe Thread" in the announcements sections of the official group.
**In regards to the affiliate Dashboard, it is meant to automatically eliminate inactive affiliates after 30 days. However, if you would like to "rejoin" you may definitely do so.
**Your affiliate Dashboard or the link you use to join is separate from that of the store, you may create a customer account using your own affiliate link.
**In the Dashboard you can create separate own links for each product as well. There's an album called: "How to use your affiliates Dashboard in the official group with step-by-step instructions.
**All graphics, logos, and info we post for you in the official group are all Free to use, or you may create your own, we recommend an app like Pic Collage or such to create your own posts as well.
**Since we are keeping an "exclusiveness" policy for all of our affiliates, and we do not charge for joining, you do not need to recruit. We will however be grateful if you like to recommend us to any friend who might wish to join us.
**That being said, we do not pay for your recommended affiliates, we do not have a system for recruits, like an MLM or pyramid type, we just offer affiliation, and you earn from your own sales, not for the people you recommend nor their sales. Hopefully, we make sense. 🙂
**We will have the window open for affiliates for a limited time, so if you decide to become an affiliate you will be rewarded with your 25% commissions (of your subtotal sales, that is not including taxes or shipping)! We want to keep exclusiveness, we do not want affiliates struggling with competition between other fellow affiliates. Thus we are extending that exclusiveness to you all.
**When buying from your own store, make sure you use your own aff link. That way we know we have to pay you, because at some point as we grow, we would not be able to keep track if you don't use your own link. So yes you receive your 25% commissions from your own purchases. 🙂
**Countries we serve: United States, Puerto Rico. We may become global pretty soon...
**In regards to Shipping: It may take 7-15 day for products to ship, and we ship from USA. We have Shipping policies on our website, please read them.
**We have a suggestion thread in the announcement section of the official group for you to suggest and ask away. 😁 Use it for your benefit as we want to fulfill all of your needs.
**Important links:
Website: (this the official store, your's should have your aff code at the end) Example:
-Our Insta:
Thank you so much, for your support and love, blessed be, -Lulu🥰🌙✨
Once again, thank you for joining us, and welcome to our family!
-Lulu Alonso



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