Bring blessings into your home with our Home Blessings Spell Jar
This spell jar helps bring prosperity, protection, peace & purity, while filling your home with good vibes. White rice for prosperity, Sage for good vibes and protection, Lavender for peace, and Sea Salt for purity. Place in a window of your home or by the entrance of your home.

We suggest smudging your home to cleanse of any negative energy before using your Home Blessings Spell Jar. Be sure to open the windows to remove the negative energy from your smudging. Once finished place your jar where you choose in your home preferably by the front door or a window.

Replace your Home Blessings Spell Jar when you feel the energy has become stagnant. Some like to replace during new moons. Empty contents of your jar in your back yard or into nature.

Blessed Be!

FINAL SALE Currently we ONLY ship to US addresses in the continental US.


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