Koa kafe

Koa kafe

Fresh, Roasted, Gourmet, Specialty High-Quality Coffee...

As part of our efforts to establish a mobile Lulu's Moon Spark store, we have created the perfect most delish brand of gourmet coffee! -to reinforce our fundraising!

Koa Kafe, coffee with a purpose, coffee with deep meaning: as "Koa" is Samoan/Hawaiian for "brave, bold, fearless", and "Kafe", well, meaning coffee! "Koa" is also our little one's name, being only a two-year-old he's endured at a very young age the loss of his father, who was half-Samoan and a great man! Believe us when we say our little Koa is as brave, bold, and fearless as he can be -just like his daddy! -and we wish to perpetuate his memory with our Koa Kafe!

Our Koa Kafe gourmet coffee is carefully curated offering an amazing variety of coffee beans sourced from local farms from around the world, ideally suited for people who really want to enjoy a true (not tasteless-store-bought) cup of coffee with your friends and family. -We ship the bags of coffee (beans or ground) the same day it is roasted, for perfect flavor. Coffee capsules are roasted day before to allow for outgassing of beans after the roast. **Best of all: Shipping is FREE to USA!



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